I need an
We promise to do our best to leave nothing behind... no scrap materials, no nails. If we accidentally do miss something (which is extremely rare), we will be back within 24 hours of your call and make sure we have removed everything. And we
won't leave until you
say it is clean.

Welcome to Elmer's Roofing

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a roof that will last and keep your home dry for decades. But you do need to know what it takes to get a good roof for less.

Here's the problem: just about everyone installs the same roofing material. But the quality of those roofs varies dramatically. The reason is the care that is put into installation. (Get your free book, "Five tips to getting a better roof for less" by clicking here.)

You see, if you hire a roofing contractor who gives great low prices, he has to make money somehow. So, guess how he does that? He has to cut corners somewhere.. whether it is in the amount of time taken to install the roof or the skill of the installers. Something has to give, and YOU are the victim. We only install the best roofing materials. We only use highly experienced installers, who take the time to do it right the first time. The way we keep our prices down is by keeping our overhead low.

We don't do a lot of advertising. But we do make sure your yard or business property is as clean when we finish as it was before we arrived.

Our investment is in you. That's why our customers love us. You will, too.


Elmer Glick, Founder
Elmer's Roofing
(717) 209-1263
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